Monday, April 20, 2009

4/20/09 - COL 3, @ ARI 6 - "At Least This One Was Close"

There’s 150 games left to discover what could be, but for now all we’ve got is what is: this team is horseshit.


Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch The Rockies Tomorrow Night, or Any Night When They’re In the Midst of a Streak Like This:

1. Watch any other baseball game
2. Watch the NBA Playoffs
3. Watch the NHL Playoffs
4. Watch an old Rockies game on my iTunes (I have all the playoff clinchers)
5. Play golf
6. Play pickup baseball (not that anybody ever does that anymore)
7. Play pickup hoops
8. Play PS3
9. Play Colecovision
10. Read a book
11. Write a book
12. Vacuum
13. Take a walk
14. Solve chemical equations, just for the hell of it (note: I hated Chemistry)
15. Pry my eyeballs out with a corkscrew


Things I’m Actually Going To Do Tomorrow Night:

1. Watch the Rockies game

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