Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/28/09 - COL 3, SD 4 - "In Which I Give Up On Manny Corpas"

I try not to overreact to any one game, particularly not one April game. I try to keep a level head, an even keel. That will generally be reflected on this blog. I’m not going to log on five minutes after a game and write a post eviscerating a player or a coach. That’s not how I operate.

But one of the side effects of this particular M.O. is that when I rip a guy, you’ll know he deserves it.

With that in mind: I’m done with Manny Corpas. Done hoping the 2007 form will come back. Done envisioning him as a back-of-the-bullpen stud. Done watching his narrow ass give up an automatic run every time he takes the mound. I’m f*$#ing DONE with Manny Corpas.

He’s utterly incapable of having an easy inning. If the fate of mankind depended on a pitcher getting a strikeout, and I got to pick the pitcher, I would choose Jamie Moyer before I chose Corpas. I would choose Bob Feller before I chose Corpas, and he’s 90 years old. I would choose Smokey Joe Wood before I chose Corpas, and he’s dead. He’s got no gameplan on the mound except to fire towards the heart of the plate and pray the hitter doesn’t barrel it. He falls behind on hitters and has to give in with a nothing 92mph fastball that even David Eckstein can crush.

Closers are strikeout pitchers. The Rox don’t have a classic K guy in their bullpen, but at least Huston Street is close. Manny Corpas is the Panamanian Danny Kolb – hope those hard-hit balls find gloves, hope it happens over the course of an entire season, and profit. Corpas sure has. How shortsighted does that extension Corpas got after 2007 look now? Generally teams aren’t looking to give long-term deals to seventh-inning pitchers.

I would rather eat Rocky Mountain Oysters than watch Manny Corpas pitch the ninth inning in another close game this season. There is no hope for success with him that isn’t pinned entirely on the luck of the bounce. That’s not what great relievers are made of.

Don’t make me change the name of this blog to The Manny Corpas Experience. Please.


The Rockies Bullpen Hierarchy According to Me:

Closer: Street
8th inning: Grilli
7th inning: Embree/Daley
Middle relief: Corpas, but for the love of God, not in a one-run ballgame.
Long relief: Rusch
Mop-up: Belisle

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  1. I agree, unfortunately, and like you, I'm one of the last to give up on players who've made me love them (see: The Artist Formerly Known as Manny Corpas, 2007 model)....
    However-- I'm starting to feel like no lead is safe when Manny's Bad Twin is on, and he shouldn't have to rely on Dexter Fowler to field the entire back forty when the ball finds the barrel.
    Also-- how many successful closers do we know who need 25+ pitches to get the job done?

    Meghann (aka PurpleJersey)-- nice blog!